Staying safe online

Here are 6 steps to creating a safer online environment at home for your child.

     1. Make sure your home WiFi has parental control settings enabled.

How to set up filters on your home internet

Parental controls

      2. . Consider changing the default wifi password for your home router to                                                                              prevent anyone outside your home from accessing it.

How to Change a Router Password: 12 Steps (with Pictures) (

3. Help reduce exposure to inappropriate or offensive content by turning on safe searching.

How to turn on safe search

YouTube Safety Mode

4. Stay safe online by creating a strong password.

How to choose a strong password

5. Manage access to social networks and other online services by checking the security and privacy features

 Social Media Safety Cards

Social Media Help and Advice

6. Use online safety family activities to talk to your children about staying safe whilst using the internet.

Online Safety Family Activities

Be Internet Legends Activities