Resolving errors where device registration has happened – Error CAA50021

Glow recommends against registering your devices against the M365 tenancy, but we understand that this can happen easily. We may perform housekeeping to remove registrations for devices we identify as stale i.e no longer in current use.

Deletion of a device registration has no impact on the user’s own account, data stored in Glow or on the device itself.

If an active device is deleted from the Glow M365 tenancy you may experience errors when using the installed products – Office or Teams Desktop. The error is likely to have the code CAA50021. You can click continue on these errors and the application will open. However to fix this error you can a carry out the following steps.

To fix this error you need to remove the saved Glow account from your device. The instructions will vary depending on whether you are using Windows 10 or 11. Please see Add or remove accounts on your PC – Microsoft Support for details. The details for removing an account are in the section Add work or school accounts to your PC.

We would also recommend you read Setting Up Microsoft Office Apps or Teams on Windows Desktops for tips on how to prevent device registration.

For school issued devices we would suggest IT departments review Device registration – school issued devices.