Managing Glow accounts

How to create user accounts #

Glow administrators are able to create Glow accounts or amend existing account details. Watch the following video to find out how:

How to download usernames and passwords #

Glow administrators are responsible for distributing account credentials to their owners. Watch the following video to find out how to do this:

How to disable and delete accounts #

If you delete a user in RM Unify, their account and associated accounts in Office 365 and other apps will be permanently removed. If you disable a user in RM Unify, the account will be locked but not deleted. The following video explains how to do both of these things.

How to assign a grace period #

Most Glow users are created automatically based on a data feed from SEEMiS. When the end date for a student or staff record passes in SEEMiS, the corresponding user is deleted from Glow.

Grace period provides a way for the users to be given extra time to access Glow, even though their account would normally have been deleted. Examples of when it may be useful to apply a grace period to a user would be:

  • Summer holidays when it might be useful for P7-S1 transitions.
  • Students leaving at the end of S6 but might still need access to their email for FE/HE communications.
  • Teachers moving between schools and are not in SEEMiS during the intervening period.

For more information on assigning a grace period, please see the guide below:

For further information on all of the above, please see the Glow Administrator User Guide below: