Accessing more than one O365 account

Some individuals may have access to more than one Microsoft O365 account, for example through Glow and through a local authority platform.

If you want to be in both platforms at the same time, you must use separate browsers such as Microsoft Edge for the local platform and Google Chrome (or any other browser) for Glow .

This is because the browser will use a cookie to ensure you stay logged in, making it impossible to be logged in to two separate platforms from the same browser at the same time.

If you only have access to one browser, you must fully log out of one platform before you log in to another.

When logging out of Glow:

  • Go to the Launch Pad, click on the downward arrow in the top right of the screen next to your name and choose sign out
  • You will then be updated as you are logged out of all services you are currently using
  • Close your browser completely then open again for a new session.

There will be a different process for logging out of your local authority platform. Follow this before you start to use Glow from the same browser.