Classwork in Teams

What is it? #

Classwork can help with the organisation and sharing of resources in Teams. Files and other content can be organised into topics or curriculum areas, structuring materials into modules.

Why would I use it? #

Classwork navigation menu
Access Classwork from the left hand navigation.

Classwork can help keep everything in one place without navigating multiple apps or tools. It can help organise Assignments, OneNote Class Notebook pages, weblinks, files and Teams channels to share with learners.

Features #

  • Classwork is only available in Class Teams
  • Assignments, weblinks, files and Teams channels can be added
  • Resources can be added to each module with drag and drop to organise
  • Files can be added by uploading from your device, from OneDrive or existing files from Teams
  • Create a new PowerPoint, Word or video recording to support learners
  • Create new assignments or a new quiz or use existing resources from elsewhere in Glow
  • Add a new or existing page from Class Notebook (currently this is only available from the Content Library)
  • Draft modules are only visible to Team owners until published. This allows organisation of resources until ready to share with learners
  • Pin modules to help learners focus on important areas

Microsoft are continuing to develop Classwork and some functionality may change:

  • It is not currently possible to copy or reuse modules
  • Adding a new or existing page from OneNote Class Notebook is currently only available using the Content Library

Guidance and Support #

Microsoft Support: Manage classwork resources in Microsoft Teams