Glow-specific help with Sway

Control #

Any Glow user can create a Sway and control of that Sway resides with the creator. The creator can choose to allow others to view or edit that Sway by taking action as outlined below.

Privacy #

All Sways created within Glow have the default sharing level of ‘My Organisation’. This ensures that all viewers must be logged in with Glow credentials. Sways are not yet included in Search or Delve results, so if you want another user to view your Sway you will have to provide them with a link, highlighted below.

Sharing settings in Sway #

Users can choose to share their Sways externally. This means that they can be viewed by people outside Glow, such as parents and employers, by choosing ‘Specific people’ or ‘Anyone with a link’. This could be useful for portfolios, newsletters or class projects.

Allow another Sway user to edit #

Creators of a Sway can invite other users to edit it by sharing an ‘edit link’ with them.

Warning: If you share an ‘edit link’, it may be spread more widely than you intended and anybody with the link could potentially edit your Sway. This could include people outside Glow if you have set the sharing level to ‘Anyone with a link’ as they will be able to log in via Returning the sharing setting to ‘Those in your organisation with the link’ will change who can use the edit link.

Reset the share settings #

You can reset the share settings by clicking on the button under ‘More settings’ in the Share menu. This will permanently change the web address of the Sway so that you can re-share it with the appropriate people. Any previous links to that Sway will become invalid.

Duplicating a Sway #

By default, viewers are able to duplicate a Sway that they are able to view. Duplicate is similar to ‘Save As’ in other Office products. However, Sway provides a privacy setting which prevents Sways from being duplicated. Note, this setting does not prevent a viewer from copying contents of a Sway using the built-in web browser capabilities such as copy or paste.

Limitations #

The following limit currently exists for inserting content into Sways from OneDrive or your computer:

Files must be smaller than 250MB or 20MB in the case of documents. This does not apply to embedding content hosted elsewhere such as YouTube.