Teams Meetings with Learners

All users should be aware of local privacy and safeguarding policies before making use of this service.

Learner use of Video within Teams meetings #

Learners are now able to use their video when in Teams Meetings.  Prior to August 2020 they were limited to using audio only.  For a full list of Teams meeting features see Meetings in Teams.

We strongly recommend the following when using Teams Meetings with Learners. Please also review Managing a Teams Meeting for more information relating to Teams Meetings in general.

Do’s #

  • ensure you are the last to leave a Teams Meeting by removing all other participants (as a meeting organiser you should also use the End Meeting option)
  • add additional staff members to meetings with learners to assist with meeting management and monitoring of video and chat
  • ensure that all users are aware of local policies and protocols
  • use the desktop app as staff where possible to give you the most feature rich experience e.g. custom backgrounds/blur and number of videos displayed
  • also login to O365 on the web as you will be redirected to a web page if you need to access meeting options
  • ensure the Meeting Options are set appropriately
  • consider the most appropriate meeting type – scheduled or meet now
  • monitor meeting participants to ensure only intended audience present
  • ensure you are familiar with the capabilities of Teams Meetings before using with learners (Meetings in Teams)
  • understand the features of your device e.g. capturing screenshots, muting microphones
  • be aware that learners may have a different video view from you due to their device capabilities or because they have pinned a participant’s video
  • ensure the lobby options are set and managed appropriately to prevent unsupervised use of meetings by students.

Don’ts #

  • leave learners unattended in a Teams Meeting
  • make learners presenters without considering the capabilities of this meeting role (Teams Meeting Options) e.g. able to mute and remove participants and manage the lobby. Remove role when no longer required
  • require participants to enable video.  There may valid reasons why they are not enabling their camera
  • set the lobby to automatically admit everyone.  This fully removes the lobby for everyone, including external participants (coming soon)
  • use breakout rooms with learners unless adequate staff supervision is possible.