Google Additional Services

There are a number of Google Workspace for Education Core Services made available through Google Workspace in Glow. The Education Scotland Glow Team are continuously developing a list of requirements based on user feedback and other factors to ensure the configuration of Google Workspace in Glow meets our user’s needs. Glow Customers can also request third party apps and extensions to be added to their tenancy. Guidance on requesting these is available here.

Any changes to the offering in Glow are subject to a governance process and updates will be issued to Glow Key Contacts as required. All changes to the configuration will take into account safeguarding, privacy, usability and must fit with the overall service requirements in Glow. If you have any queries about functionality or changes to the configuration, please speak to your Key Contact in the first instance.

The table below provides answers to some common questions and will be updated based on feedback.

  • Gmail
  • Chrome Sync
  • Chrome Management
  • Printing

The Gmail service is disabled for all users. Any notifications from G Suite will be sent to Glow Mail (Outlook).

At the moment Outlook is the only mail service offered within Glow and there are no plans to offer Gmail in the immediate future.

Chrome Sync is enabled for Staff Only and means the configuration of Chrome, including installed apps and extensions, will follow users in browsers or devices they sign in to and use this. Before turning this on users should be aware that it may sync data such as passwords, browsing history and card details so it is not recommended for shared devices.

Some of these settings are made available to users with delegated admin roles to help reduce the burden of managing and provisioning Chrome Devices such as Chromebooks. Delegated admins may manage Devices, Device Settings and Managed Guest Session Settings. However, User & Browser Settings and Apps & Extensions settings permissions are part of the constant national service offering and not delegated to Glow Customers. This is to maintain the integrity of the service offering and ensure compliance with various Terms and Conditions. Any change requests to these settings would need to be reviewed for suitability for all Glow Customers.

There are additional management options within Chrome for Managed Browsers and Google Meeting Room Hardware but these are not available within Glow due to a Google requirement for end user consent to be ‘obtained and maintained’. This is not sustainable and could result in significant additional resource being required both centrally and at local authority and/or institutional level.

Tenancy Admins have the ability to add printers to Chrome devices and make them available for enrolled devices. There is guidance available on how to do this on the Chrome Help Site. If you have requirements within your authority then your Key Contact should be able to advise on this.

Guidance on using printers from devices is also available

Additional Services #

Users will not be able to access Google Additional Services when logged into their Glow Google accounts unless this has been enabled for them by their Local Authority or Establishment. Google Workspace is an opt in service and not all Glow users will have a Google account.

This does not affect Glow users who are using other services unless they have logged into their associated Google account. Chromebook users are logged into their Google account by default. Users accessing Glow via a browser are only logged in to their Google account when using a Google tile (such as Google Classroom) via their launchpad.

This is a list of all live Additional Services within Glow.

Click the title to open the link.

  • Chrome Web Store #

    Access the Chrome Web Store to browse all available extensions.

  • Google Earth #

    Explore the far reaches of the world, directly in your browser using over three decades of satellite data into a seamless, cloud-free, image through space and time.

  • Google Maps #

    Navigation and exploration learning tool that can be used to find historical sites, plan routes and virtually visit worldwide locations.

  • YouTube #

    Video streaming service where you can search for content and resources or upload your own to share privately or with a wider audience.

  • Looker Studio #

    Looker Studio is a free tool that turns your data into informative, easy to read, easy to share, and fully customisable dashboards and reports

  • Google Arts and Culture #

    Browse high-resolution images and videos of artworks and cultural artefacts from cultural organizations throughout the world.

  • Google Translate #

    Instantly translate words, phrases, and web pages between English and over 100 other languages.

  • CS First #

    A computer science curriculum that makes coding easy to teach and fun to learn. Find resources and lesson plans from beginner to advanced.

  • Applied Digital Skills #

    Lesson plans and resources that support with teaching digital skills. Browse by collection, audience, digital tool or topic.

User Feedback #

Are there any Additional Services that you’d like to see included within Glow? Browse a list of all Additional Services via this link.

Your Glow Key Contact can then reach out and make a request via our enquiries form 

Alternatively, please reach via if you have any questions re this service.

Latest News regarding Google Additional Services within Glow #