Using Glow

Glow is Scotland’s nationally available digital environment and can support learning across the whole curriculum. Glow is not just one place or platform, instead it offers a username and password that gives access to a number of different web services.

Funded by the Scottish Government and managed by Education Scotland, Glow provides a safer, online environment for educators and learners to communicate and collaborate using services such as Glow Blogs, Microsoft Office 365, G Suite and Glow RM Unify Launch Pad.

These services can be accessed by Glow account holders at anytime, anywhere, and on any device

Using Glow in learning and teaching

Glow is used by learners and educators across Scotland in lots of different ways. For example, you can:

  • share ideas and learning resources – across classes, schools and local authorities;
  • create digital content such as blogs and OneNote digital notebooks;
  • join communities to discuss specific topics or get help with difficult concepts;
  • create personalised programmes of work;
  • find teaching resources and explore new learning approaches and practices;
  • manage deadlines and projects using tools in Microsoft Office 365;
  • communicate, collaborate and co-create with other Glow users.

Find out more ways in which Glow can be used in learning and teaching.

How Do I Get a Glow Account?

Glow accounts are available to all schools and education establishments across Scotland, including independent schools and teacher education colleges/universities. Scottish education partners who are involved in the delivery of the 3–18 curriculum can also gain access to Glow.

Getting Started

If you are new to Glow or have not used it for a while, the following links will help you get started. There are guides and resources to help you make full use of the functionality available to you.

To raise your awareness of Glow:

If you need help with how to do something in Glow, you can search for existing content in the relevant Yammer group covering the service you need help with, or post a question of your own. Further guidance and help is available:

To see examples of Glow being used in learning and teaching: