Class membership

All users within your Google Workspace domain can be invited to join a class. To allow other users to join your class they must first be whitelisted with the other domains.

All Google Workspace domains in Glow will automatically be whitelisted with one another.

Add students to your class #

To invite students to join your class you can send them an email, issue them with a join code or share an invite link. To invite a student from a whitelisted domain you must know their email address to add them to the list. Their name will not appear in the directory. Some additional support on invite methods is available on the Google support site.

Join codes allow you to issue a code to allow members to quickly and easily join your Classroom. This is a good way to add students as it engages them with the process and you can reset the code when you’re finished.

  • Anyone using the join code will be added to the Classroom with no need for join requests or further approvals
  • A join code can be used as many times as you want
  • If you use a join code, its recommended that you monitor the membership of the Classroom to ensure only intended users join, and to reset the code regularly or remove the code when it is no longer required
  • As join codes automatically admin people to your Classroom, it is not recommended that they are published widely (e.g. on websites).

Remove a student from your class #

If you remove a student from your class any work they have submitted will remain in the class folder and any posts or comments will still appear in the class stream. You will need to remove their posts and comments separately.

To remove a student from your class:

  1. Click on People and check the box next to the student on the list
  2. Click Actions > Remove.

Add a teacher to your class #

You can add a teacher to your class to assist with co-ordinating class activities. They will then have the same rights as you except for the following:

  • They will be unable to delete the class
  • They will be unable to remove you from the class
  • Both teachers will receive email notifications
  • You will retain all of your class materials including submitted assignments in your Google Drive and this will be shared with the additional teachers.

To invite a teacher:

  1. Click on People and click on the
  2. Enter the email addresses of the teachers to be invited into the pop up box
  3. Click Invite.

Remove a teacher from you class #

To remove a teacher from your class:

  1. go to the class you wish to remove them from and click People.
  2. Click the icon next to the teacher’s name you wish to remove
  3. Select Remove from the drop down list.

Once removed, they will no longer be able to access the class folder.

Transfer ownership of your class #

If you are leaving the school or no longer need to be the owner of the class you have created you can transfer ownership to another teacher. Once the teacher you invited has accepted ownership they will become the owner of:

  • The class folder in Google Drive
  • The materials in the template folder
  • Assignments submitted by student(s).