The following glossary provides definitions of terms used in Glow:

Term Description
Administrative User An Administrative user is a Service Provider’s Representative with assigned administrative/administrator permission rights for all Glow User accounts and/or a Glow User with assigned administrative/administrator permission rights for the Glow User accounts within their Establishment.
Applications Applications are a set of tools and services, these include: (i) Glow services such as Glow Blogs; (ii) third party hosted and provided services that are available through single sign on; and (iii) third party hosted and provided services that are not behind authentication.
Application Library The Application Library is the area of the Launch Pad where a Glow User can view available Applications and choose to add them to their own or other Launch Pads (where they have the relevant rights to do so).
Data Processing Agreement There are two data processing agreements which must be signed prior to any establishment being set-up. There must be a data processing agreement signed between the Glow Customer and The Scottish Government and secondly a data processing agreement must be signed between the Glow Customer and RM.
Establishments – Parent Establishment The name given to the location of your Glow Username within the RM Unify portal. Each Glow Customer is allocated a Parent Establishment. Each establishment will be assigned overall administration rights for this establishment. Within each Parent establishment there will be sub-level establishments referred to as child establishments. For example a Local Authority would be referred to as a Parent Establishment where as a school would be a Child Establishment.
Establishments – Child Establishment The name given to any establishment assigned sub-level establishment to the primary establishment. Each Parent Establishment administrator can assign a number of Child Establishments. Each Child Establishment can be assigned local rights to administer accounts within their own Child Establishment only.
Glow Glow is Scotland’s nationally available digital environment for learning and provides access to a number of web services that allow users to create, collaborate and innovate.
Glow Connect Glow’s public website that has additional information on the Glow service.
Glow Customer The Establishments that use Glow, currently including all: (i) 32 Scottish local authorities and their schools; (ii) Independent Schools and Further Education colleges and (iii) Faculties of Education within Universities providing initial teacher training in Scotland.
Glow ID A Glow ID is created for each Glow User via GAPS that provides single sign on to all services that are available in Glow. It can also be referred to as ‘Glow Username’. It is NOT the Glow email address; although for some users it will correspond with the first part of the email address.
Glow Key Contacts Glow Key Contacts are recognised individuals from each Glow Customer who Education Scotland communicate with on all Glow matters. The Key Contacts are responsible for Glow communication and awareness within their establishments.
Glow Manual Account Set-up These accounts are provisioned manually by RM Unify Administrators using the RM Unify Management console. This can be done on an individual account by account basis or by using a CSV upload file.
Glow Online Productivity Suite The Glow Online Productivity Suite is a set of cloud-based services and tools, currently provided by Microsoft Office 365, which includes Outlook, SharePoint, Word and Delve. They are ideal for sharing and collaborating, allowing learners to work on projects anytime and anywhere.
Glow Services Glow Services incorporates the Glow Login and Launch Pad, the Glow Online Productivity Suite, Glow Blogs and Report a Concern.
Glow Users Glow Users are the learners and educators within Scotland who have Glow accounts and use the Glow services.
Glow User Data Glow User Data is : a) the data, text, drawings, diagrams, images or sounds (together with any database made up of any of these) which are embodied in any electronic, magnetic, optical or tangible media, and which are: (i) supplied to the Service Provider by or on behalf of a Glow Customer; and/or (ii) which the Service Provider is required to generate, process, store or transmit pursuant to this Contract; or b) any Personal Data for which the Glow Customer is the Data Controller.
Groups A Group is a collection of Glow Users with a common interest, for example a registration class, year group or role-based group (all teachers in a school).
Group Membership Group Membership is the data that links an individual to a Group.
Guest A Guest is the person or persons who need temporary access to log into Glow to access any element of Glow other than the Glow Online Productivity Suite (currently provided by Microsoft Office 365).
Launch Pad This is where a Glow User views the applications and services that they can access and is offered links to the services. A user can have a number of Launch Pads made available to them by the RM Unify Administrator. An example would be a student who may have both the Local Authority Launch Pad and a personal Launch Pad. All users can rearrange and customise tiles on the Launch Pad within the confines of their assigned role and this is controlled and displayed on the “My Launch Pad” page.

Linked Accounts Linked Accounts are the multiple accounts for a Glow User who has elected to use the same login credentials to access more than one account which replicates their working situation e.g. a teacher working in more than one school.RM Unify Linked Accounts Help
Linked Account User A Linked Account User is a Glow User with multiple roles who uses the same login credentials to access a number of accounts which sit separately other than the shared username and password (e.g. a teacher who works in 2 schools is able to log in to Glow and then choose which school they are working in that day which takes them to that account for the session).
Management Console The Management Console is the area of the Launch Pad where a Glow User can carry out administration tasks.
Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) In advance of an establishment being configured within Glow, the Customer must review and sign the Memorandum of Understanding. It is a set of standards which all establishments are expected to meet as minimal in order to use the portal.
Partner Glow Partners come on to Glow as individuals with their account created by Education Scotland or other Glow customers. They cannot create further accounts but they can participate in all aspects of Glow. They are people or organisations who are involved in the delivery of the 3 – 18 curriculum.
RM Unify Is the name of the software provided by RM which deals with Glow user access, permissions and the Launch Pad.
RM Unify Administrator Person or persons responsible for creating and managing accounts within RM Unify. This can be allocated at either the Primary Establishment and/or the Child Establishment level.
RM Unify Management Console RM Unify Administrators are granted access to the RM Unify Management Console. From here administrators have access to change accounts, reset passwords and configure Launch Pads etc. There are multiple levels of administrator privileges so not every administrator would have the same level by default.
School Management Information System (MIS) School MIS System is the software used for the management of school information including school population and timetables.
SEEMiS SEEMiS is a supported school management information system used in Scottish local authority schools to record pupil information such as personal information and attendance. Glow accounts are provisioned based on the data received from SEEMiS.
SEEMiS Account Set-up These accounts are provisioned directly from SEEMiS, the Management Information System (MIS) used by all the local authorities in Scotland.
Service Provider The company providing a service available in Glow, e.g. Microsoft provide access to Office 365.
Single Sign On (SSO) Single Sign On occurs when a user logs in to Glow and is then signed in to other Glow services automatically without having to re-enter their username and password.
Sponsor A person or persons senior enough within the Local Authority, Glow Customer or Educational establishment to authorise a Partner or Guest. This should be someone with a full understanding of the Glow Community Rules and requirements around the minimum standards expected for those receiving a Glow Username. The Sponsor (Local Authority, Glow Customer or Educational Establishment) will ultimately take responsibility for that person’s actions within Glow. The sponsor is also responsible for the request of removal of that account when there is no longer a requirement for access.