Glow Login and Launch Pad

The Glow Launch Pad, provided via RM Unify, is made up of a series of web pages that provide:

  • Access to all Glow services
  • a catalogue of free and paid for resources in an application (App) library
  • a management console which allows administrative users to manage accounts and passwords.

When you log in to Glow, you will see a Launch Pad like this:

Launch Pad Levels #

Launch Pads provide links to all Glow services, resources and other externally hosted content. There are four levels of Launch Pad:

  • Personal Launch Pad – this only appears if a user has a personal Launch Pad configured. This can be customised by each individual user
  • Establishment Launch Pad – the default Launch Pad for each Glow establishment (for example, a school). It can be customised by a Glow RM Unify administrator
  • Local Authority Launch Pad – a Launch Pad for all schools within local authority control. It is customised by the LA’s Glow RM Unify administrator and only appears if apps have been added to it
  • National Launch Pad (Scotland) – available nationally and configured by an Education Scotland RM Unify administrator.

The benefits of using the Glow Launch Pad include:

  • the ability to customise your personal Launch Pad so that the tiles you use most often are available on one page
  • access to a range of software without having to log in to each tool separately (known as single sign-on or SSO)
  • the ability to set up an alternative email address so that you can reset your Glow password
  • different Launch Pads can be set up for groups of teachers, non-teaching staff and pupils to allow access to content relevant to them.

App Library #

One of the features of Glow is an extensive and growing library of applications which support learning and teaching across the curriculum. Many of the apps are available free of charge and some are paid for.

Administrative users of Glow can choose the apps which their users see. Access to the apps is made via Link Tiles.

Managing Launch Pads #

Adding tiles to your Launch Pad #

The following video explains how to add tiles to your Launch Pad:

Editing your Launch Pad #

Help on editing your Personal Launch Pad and removing tiles can be found here.

Further advice on editing your Launch Pad is available for administrators.

The Glow Launch Pad Yammer group provides further support and help. You can also access help for Glow administrators and help with accounts and passwords below.

RM Unify Launch Pad Notifications #

Notifications are displayed to users on the RM Unify Launch Pad and this is a way to share information. It’s in the form of a bell icon on the RM Unify Launch Pad header. If there are notifications to read, the bell is coloured yellow, and clicking on it will display the notifications.

Further help and support #

Help for Glow Administrators #

If you are an RM Unify Glow administrator you will be responsible for the management of the accounts and Launch Pad within your establishment. This user guide covers the tasks required to support the management of users, apps and explains the provisioning process within RM Unify.

App approval process #

Prior to any new apps being added to the Glow Launch Pad, they have to be meet the criteria set out in our App Approval Process.