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Hints and Tips for Managing Classes #

  • Teachers are responsible for moderating content within the Classes they create or manage including dealing with any inappropriate posts by their pupils. You should always follow guidance about internet safety provided by your school or local authority in line with their acceptable use policy. See the Glow Community Rules for more information
  • Use the Mute Student option if you want to stop pupils from commenting, posting and replying to conversations. They will still be able to submit work to the Classroom but other pupils will not be able to see it. This can be useful if you want to set up a Classroom but are not ready for pupils to use the conversations area or a teacher is not available to moderate comments at specific times
  • All the previously deleted posts and comments are stored to view at any time which is useful evidence to support moderation of a Classroom
  • If you don’t want pupils to post messages but would like to use it as an area for teachers (owners) to share resources and post messages for the class, select the option Only owners can post messages
  • In Classroom, teachers can set which email and mobile notifications they received. This can also be set for individual classes. By default, all notifications are turned on
  • When creating assignments, it may be useful to create documents for each student. This means you can annotate their answers individually, or edit documents on their behalf if they submit work in another way
  • To delete a class you must archive it first. Once it is archived, you can restore it if you wish to use it again in the future, or delete it permanently. Teachers and co-teachers can archive a class. Students cannot archive a class.

Remember that the Report a concern function, available on all Glow core services, allows users to submit details of any concerns they have about content or activity in Glow.

Google Meet integration with Classroom. #

Google Classroom has integration with Google Meet and a nicknamed Meet can be created for the class. This is easy to set up through an option in the settings. An introductory video has also been created and there are some details in our Meet guidance.

Further information to help with using Classrooms in Glow. #

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