Glow Blogs

What is it? #

Glow Blogs are created using WordPress, a content management system (CMS) that can be used to make simple blogs or complex websites. The service is free to use and a number of privacy settings are available.

All Glow Blogs can be kept private to the individual user/group of users; made available to all Glow users; or made public and searchable on the web via search engines such as Google.

Glow help blog #

The Glow help blog provides extensive support on how to use Glow Blogs including an introductory video, tips on getting started and examples of how to perform specific tasks.

Find out more #

  • View the Glow Gallery to see what other users are doing with Glow Blogs in their classrooms and workplaces;
  • Search Yammer for blog-related discussions and links;
  • See Glowing Posts for examples of how other people are using Glow Blogs.

Local authority blogs #

If the Blogs tile on your Launchpad does not work, you can log on to your local authority Blog in the same way as using the tile.

Glow Blogs Capability Statement #

The following document provides information about the Glow Blogs requirements and capabilities.