Password Guidance

Passwords should be hard to guess to help stop others being able to log into your account. However, this does not mean they should be hard to remember.

Traditionally, the criteria for setting passwords is to use a mixture of character types (upper/ lower case, numbers and symbols) with a minimum length being required. However, this can lead to common passwords, e.g. Password1!, being used as it is often difficult to think of anything that matches the rules while being easy to remember.

Password strength

Glow’s requirements are different and you will get a password rating as you type to reflect this. The password is rated on a number of factors such as how common the password is, how long it is and how many different types of character are used. Using a group of words or a phrase, for example, would be stronger than a common password while being easy to remember.

Rating Password Example Reason
Very Weak Pa$$word1 Although this looks like the most complex password from the examples and has a mix of characters (allowing it to meet requirements elsewhere) it is common and easy to guess.
Weak mouse This is a single word but isn’t a common password so the strength rating increases. However, it is still a common word and easy to guess.
Acceptable small mouse Using more than one word is harder to guess.
Strong Small mouse!! A mixture of words and symbols is more difficult to guess than just two words.
Very Strong

small grey mouse




Three or more words in a phrase is difficult to guess or generate so, although this example doesn’t look complex and is easy to remember, it is actually the strongest of these.

Using a shorter password with a mixture of characters is also very strong as it is difficult to guess.

Note: The above table shows examples only. It is recommended that a long phrase is used and, if you will be able to remember it, a mixture of character types to make the password even more secure. As always, you should never share your password with anyone else.