What is it? #

SharePoint is a web application that allows Glow users to create websites in order to facilitate collaborative working in a secure environment. Users can store, organise, share and access information from any device with other Glow users at different levels, e.g. at national, local authority, school, class or more granular levels.

Why would I use it? #

SharePoint contains a document library used to store documents and files. Document versioning can be enabled as well as the ability to check out documents for editing. Workflows can be applied to items stored in document libraries, for example to notify other Glow users when a document is submitted or updated.

What is a team site? #

A team site is a website that you can create for a single document, meeting, process, department, organisation or anything else that you might need. All data and information related to a single subject, entity or process can be stored within a site. Lists, document libraries, calendars, workflows and web pages can all be stored within a team site.

How do I get started? #