Hints and Tips

Top tips for managing Teams in Glow #

  • Add more than one staff member or a co-teacher to the team to ensure continuity if someone is off or leaves and other staff want to maintain ownership and change the settings in a team.
  • You can provide read only access to files in Class Teams if you want to share files with pupils but don’t want them to be able to edit those files.
  • You can create a link to a Team or generate a Join Code to let them join directly without having to deal with join requests.
  • Pupils can use the Join Code to become a member of a team. If you use a join code it’s recommended you monitor the membership of the team to ensure only intended users join, and to reset the code regularly or remove the code when it’s no longer required.
  • Teachers are responsible for moderating content within the teams they own including dealing with any inappropriate posts by their pupils. You should always follow guidance about internet safety provided by your school or local authority in line with their acceptable use policy. See the Glow Community Rules for more information.
  • Use the Mute students option if you want to stop pupil/s from posting or replying in the conversations area. This can be useful if you want to set up a team but are not ready for pupils to post to the conversations area.
  • Pupil to pupil private messaging is not enabled in Class Teams in Glow.
  • The general conversations stream can be used for a class to send messages that are visible to everyone in the Team (see Members Permission in Managing a Class Team to change these settings)
  • Individual conversations and conversation threads can be deleted from the Team. It may be useful to take a screen shot as evidence of a conversation before deletion.
  • Remember that the Report a concern function, available on all Glow core services, allows users to submit details of any concerns they have about content or activity in Glow
  • Use Immersive Reader in Teams conversations. Click on the three dots … next to a conversation and select Immersive Reader to provide the ability to have content read aloud, adjust text size and colour.
  • You can Archive a team when it’s no longer active. The conversations and files in the team become read-only once you archive it. All of the team activity will then be frozen and no one will be able to start new conversations or reply to posts in a channel.
  • By default all Teams will be created as Private.  You should not change a Team to Public unless there is a very good reason to do so as this will allow all Glow users to find and join the Team with no owner approval.  Class Teams cannot be made public.
  • Microsoft have provided a Teams interactive demo that will give you a guided tour to help you understand the app and learn the key features of Teams.