If you decide to use this app with students, then please ensure it is used in conjunction with your establishment and local authority safeguarding procedures and protocols.

Reflect #

Reflect allows educators the ability to strengthen relationships with students and gain some potential insight into their well-being. Reflect, which will also integrate with Education Insights that enables educators to share questions designed to support social and emotional learning. These can be specific questions like, “How are you feeling about the material we covered today?” or more routine check-ins like, “how did this week feel for you?” Educators can customise poll settings for different topics and privacy preferences and then View Reflect data in Insights.

The polls, which can be added to a class team, allow educators to initiate or continue a dialogue with students, invite them to share their feelings, and offer the support students may need to be creative and confident learners.

Feelings Monsters #

When using Reflect to record their well-being, students can select from a variety of Feelings Monster emotions. By relating to the Feelings Monster’s emotions, students can indicate the right words to assist them to express themselves, so they feel heard and supported. Reflects can be set for students to view peer responses but not their names thus protecting individuals by ensuring their responses are kept private. This Accessible Template can help build social and emotional skills like self-awareness, empathy, and relationship skills.

Reflect in Teams with Students #

Help students recognise and navigate their emotions by providing regular opportunities to share and be heard. Reflect can help broaden learners’ emotional vocabulary and deepen empathy for their peers while also providing valuable feedback to educators for a healthy classroom community.

Find out how to get started using Reflect in Teams.

How to use Reflect in Microsoft Teams video #

Reflect in OneNote with Students #

 Using the OneNote Class Notebook toolbar, educators can easily insert a Reflect for learning poll  on the Class Notebook page. These can be used as quick and easy pre and post assessments, or to help inform the next lesson.

Find out how to get started using Reflect in OneNote with Students.

Reflect in Teams with Staff #

Reflect is available in Staff Teams and can support educators to recognise their own skills and opportunities for development. It can provide opportunities to reflect on how they are feeling, could support professional development and provide valuable feedback across a school community.

Find out how to get started using Reflect in Teams with Staff.

Reflect Do’s and Don’ts #


  • ensure that all Educators are aware of establishment and local authority safeguarding procedures and protocols, and that this information is shared and reinforced prior to using Reflect with students
  • set up a Reflect poll with your students if you are going to monitor the check-ins as soon as they are available
  • familiarise yourself with the question types before posting a Reflect poll. OneNote Class Notebook questions are more learning focused and Teams check-ins are learning and wellbeing related
  • share the Feelings Monsters and appropriate use of Reflect with your students prior to setting up a Reflect poll
  • be mindful of classroom arrangements, and any ability for students to observe the responses  of others when setting up a wellbeing Reflect.
  • seek further advice from your school’s leadership team if you are unsure how to support the use of the Reflect app in your own establishment.
  • check the membership of your Team before posting a Reflect. Larger Teams or Teams with cross local authority student membership may be more difficult to manage


  •  have students as Team Owners in Teams where you are using Reflect. This provides them with full control of the Team and means they could post their own Reflect polls and view the responses of their peers, potentially causing distress
  • set up a Reflect poll with your students if you are unsure of your establishment’s safeguarding procedures and protocols
  • set up a Reflect poll with your students if you don’t have capacity to check the results as soon as they are submitted e.g. don’t schedule it to close over a weekend or at a time when you are unavailable
  • set up a Reflect poll if your school do not have a procedure in place for sharing Reflect check-ins that may highlight student well-being concerns

Our Responsibilities #

As Education Scotland, we should:

  • ensure that we provide advice to local authorities regarding the use of the Reflect tool to support them in the development of their own local guidance.

As a Local Authority, we need to:

  • ensure that there is clear guidance for all schools regarding the use of Reflect and how to address any concerns raised.

As a School Leader, I need to:

  • make sure that all staff are aware of how and when to use the Reflect tool, are confident with all of the available features, and that staff are confident in how to address any arising concerns
  • make sure there is appropriate support provided to deal with the output of Reflect check-ins across the school in terms of any necessary follow up and reporting
  • make sure there is a process in place that highlights if a student reports negative feelings repeatedly over the course of one check-in or multiple check-ins by different staff across subjects.

As an Educator, I need to:

  • monitor the Reflect check-ins in a timely manner due to there not being automatic notifications and alerts when students enter a check-in
  • ensure that I feel confident in the use of the Reflect tool, and in how to support any learner who reports negative feelings.

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