Google Drive

Google Drive allows you to store and share files and folders and keeps everything in one place to support collaboration. easily view files that others have shared with you, search, move or copy files and access them from any device. A video example of using Docs in Drive can be found at the bottom of this article.

Google Workspace in Glow is configured as follows:

  • Students can only share with and receive files from whitelisted domains. This allows collaboration with another named Glow Google Workspace domain
  • Staff can share and receive files externally with any other Google Workspace user and also share files to anyone with the link. This includes Docs, Sheets, Sites, Slides, Forms and Jamboard jams
  • Staff sharing documents publicly should be aware that the content may be web searchable so consideration must be given to this before sharing
  • Google Workspace in Glow users will be able to configure offline access to files to sync when not connected to Google Workspace
  • My Drive can be used for folders and files belonging to an individual and Shared Drives when they belong to a team.

You can use the Google Support Centre resources below to find out more about Drive itself:

Google Workspace Learning Center Google Workspace Training Videos

Collaborate #

A range of documents and files can be created using Google Workspace. Share, collaborate and view on your web browser at any time. These can be created on Google Drive.

You can collaborate on text documents, spreadsheets, presentations and surveys using these tools. Links to the Google Learning Center to support this are provided below. Keep and Tasks are also available for all Glow users.

Google Workspace Help #

We have created some quick start guides for Docs, adding drawings, forms, Jamboards and slides that can be used to support the use of Google Workspace. There is also a video playlist at the bottom of this page that shows all of this is done.