Create web pages and websites to collaborate with Google sites. Easily create a website and add ‘gadgets like calendars, maps, spreadsheets, presentations. Choose a theme and customise it.

G Suite in Glow is configured as follows:

  • Students cannot share a site externally or publicly but can share with other users in a whitelisted Google Workspace domain
  • Staff can share a site externally or publicly. This may be useful for school or class websites.

Staff sharing Sites publicly should be aware that the content may be web searchable so consideration must be given to this and who can contribute to it before sharing. Google Sites are saved in your Drive and can be managed in the same way as other Docs.

Strength Rating Password Example Reason
Very Weak Pa$$word1 Although this looks like the most complex password from the examples and has a mix of characters (allowing it to meet requirements elsewhere) it is common and easy to guess.
Weak mouse This is a single word but isn’t a common password so the strength rating increases. However, it is still a common word and easy to guess.
Moderate small mouse Using more than one word is harder to guess.
Strong Small mouse!! A mixture of words and symbols is more difficult to guess than just two words.
Very Strong

small grey mouse



Three or more words in a phrase is difficult to guess or generate so, although this example doesn't look complex and is easy to remember, it is actually the strongest of these.

Using a shorter password with a mixture of characters is also very strong as it is difficult to guess.

The configuration of Google Sites in Glow only allows New Google Sites to be created. However, any users with older websites that were created with Classic Sites should be aware of the following timeline.

  • Starting October 2021 – Editing of any remaining classic Sites will be disabled
  • Starting December 2021 – When users try to visit a classic Site, they will no longer see the website content. Any remaining classic Sites will automatically be:
  • Downloaded as an archive
  • Replaced with a draft in the new Sites experience for site owners to review and publish.

More information can be found on the blog post.

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