New Google Additional Services within Glow

Google CS First and Google Applied Digital Skills

Opt in Service

As you may know, Google Workspace is an opt in service so not all Glow users will have a Google account.

Once Local Authorities have opted into Google Workspace, they can also enable Google Additional Services. Google requires consent to be obtained and maintained for all users before they can use Additional Services. If a user is under 18 this has to be parental consent.

Current Additional Services include,

  • Google Earth
  • Google Chrome Store
  • Google Maps
  • YouTube
  • Google Arts & Culture
  • Google Translate
We are now delighted to share that the Glow Team have added two more Additional Services.

Google CS First

Computing Science and Coding Resource

  • Video based lessons
  • Coding instructions like hints, highlights, and text-to-speech live inside Scratch
  • Hour of Code self-guided lessons
  • Subject specific activities
  • No Computing Science experience required
  • Progress from Getting Started through to Advanced lessons

Google Applied Digital Skills

Teach and learn practical digital skills needed for the jobs of today and tomorrow

  • Dedicated areas for Teachers, Learners, Parents and Guardians
  • Browse lessons and teaching resources
  • Filter by Audience, Google Digital Tool or Topic
  • View collections like Google Workspace Training, Study Skills and Learning Strategies, Digital Art and Games
  • Complete courses and receive a certificate
Video Overview

This is a promotional video containing images of the new Google Additional Services.

Your Feedback

Please do reach out if you are using any of the new services in your classroom because we’d be keen to hear your feedback. We’d also be keen to hear what other services you’d like to see enabled in the future?