Apps and Extensions

There is a wide range of apps and extensions available that give additional functionality to Google Workspace apps as well as standalone tools that can integrate with your Google account. As these may access your data in Google Workspace, use of these needs to be approved by your Local Authority or Establishment.

Your Local Authority or Establishment may choose to force install these services or may whitelist them for users to install or access.

What are apps and extensions?

  • Chrome apps are generally standalone tools made available through the Web Store and may work offline.  An example of this would be tools to create a document or produce audio files.  Google are in the process of retiring these with many developers already converting these into extensions or their own websites with integration to Google Workspace.  More details can be found on the Google Support Blog
  • Extensions are additional features that can be installed and generally enhance functionality in Google Workspace services.  These appear on the browser toolbar and tend to run online only. If these also need to access Google Workspace data then both the extension install and data access would need to be approved by your Local Authority or Establishment.
  • Web Apps are standalone tools that have their own site but integrate with Google Workspace to use the account to sign in and store information.  For example, a Web App may read and write to files in a user’s Drive.  These tend to run online only and will need your Local Authority or Establishment to approve use if it is accessing data.

The Chromebook App Hub gives details on a number of apps with educational value as well as providing links to privacy policies that will help in any review before making a request for an App to be added to your tenancy.

How do I get an app or extension installed?

If you feel that an app, extension or web service integration would be beneficial to your establishment please get in touch with your Glow Key Contact. A list of services already in use by other establishments can be provided to Key Contacts by Education Scotland on request.

Following review within your establishment, a request form will need to be completed and submitted to Education Scotland by your Glow Key Contact and include approval from your Information Security Officer.

Consideration should be given to the educational value, security and privacy of the app or extension, including GDPR compliance. There should also be a decision on whether this should be available for Staff, Learners or both.

Key Contacts should submit completed forms to for processing before the app or extension is made available for your establishment.