What is it? #

Delve is a tool that allows you to search for and display content from across Office 365, taking account of your previous behaviour and interests.

Why would I use it? #

  • Delve allows users to have a single view of content from across all of O365, maximising the potential for finding content.
  • Teachers can collate information they want pupils to see by creating ‘boards’.
  • Pupils can work together on boards in order to share content.
  • Delve makes it easier for teachers to find others who share their educational interests, allowing increased collaborative working.

How do I get started? #

An explanation of Delve search results #

Each search result returned in Delve is presented as a card. These cards can be added to boards that can be viewed by others within Glow. For example, an English teacher could create a board for certain results they find through Delve and share this board with learners. Learners could then contribute to the board.

This YouTube video explains how to create, follow and share boards in Office 365 Delve.

Further information on the use of boards can be found here and an example of a board is shown below.

Please note, Delve searches will surface content created by all Glow users but will never display results or give access to material that the searching user does not have permission to access.

Delve search results also take account of the user’s profile interests and the hash tags they have followed. This means that if two users perform the same search using Delve, the results they receive will vary. It is important to make sure that content you create is shared appropriately.

People-based search and discovery #

People-based results, including those about pupils, are also returned through Delve searches. Selecting a person will allow you to view information including their school and email address, along with their activities and documents which you have access to. Individuals can decide not to share their activities but shared documents and basic personal information will still be available.

This YouTube video explains how to find information and files from others on Delve. Further information on people-based search and discovery can be found here.