Glow documents

Glow Position Statement

The position statement for Glow outlines the intended purpose of Glow and how it aligns to the Digital Learning and Teaching Strategy for Scotland.  The statement provides an overview of how Glow is intended to support educators, learners and local authorities and the role of Education Scotland.

Glow Position Statement

Data Privacy Impact Assessment

The Data Privacy Impact Assessment (DPIA) assesses the privacy implications associated with the use of Glow. This assessment aims to inform parents, guardians and teaching staff of privacy implications that exist with the use of Glow.

Data Privacy Impact Assessment

Glow Cookies Policy

Glow offers a number of services that require cookies to work properly. Our Glow Cookie Policy provides information on what these cookies are.

Glow Privacy Policy

The Glow Privacy Policy provides an explanation how Education Scotland use the information you give us and the ways in which we protect your privacy.

Commercial branding

Information on the inclusion of commercial material on Glow Connect.

 PDF file: The inclusion of commercial material on Glow Connect (140 KB)