Technical help

This section provides access to a range of links that can be used when checking Glow functionality from within stakeholder networks.

Functionality checks

The following links will allow you to access elements of each Glow component to check functionality. There is also a Yammer community group about technical checks.

Check URL Additional information
Glow Blogs The link will open a public Glow Blog and ensure that the ports are open as required. There is content that provides further help with Glow Blogs.
Skype for Business

This link provides further information on Skype for Business URLs and IP address ranges.

This link provides supported platforms and browsers for Skype Meetings App.

This link provides support for the Skype Web App plugin

Microsoft Office 365

Firewalls The link provides further information on Office 365 URLs and IP address ranges.
Microsoft Office 365

Client requirements The link provides further information on the client requirements for Office 365.
Microsoft Office 365

Productivity suite access The link provided will open the Office 365 productivity suite and allow you to check you have the required access to each of the components. If you are not logged in, this link will take you to the login screen if you enter your Glow username. If you have already logged in, it will take you to the page with all of the Office 365 component tiles.
Password recovery email address Users are able to enter an email address to which password reset notifications will be sent. For local authority provided email systems, the local spam filters will need to allow email from If no password reset email address is given, then a local administrator would need to reset a user’s password.
G Suite services

Firewalls This link provides information on the client requirements for Google Drive and Docs.
Google Hangouts This link provides information to help you optimise your network for using Google Hangouts.