Glow account guidance

Staff moving to a new post in the same local authority

If you change job but stay within your local authority then your Glow account will move with you as will the associated content.

Staff moving to a new post in a different local authority

If you are a teacher who is moving to a school in different local authority you will need to plan ahead to ensure you have access to the content and data you are entitled to in your new post in line with local policies.

If you move to a new position in a different local authority you will receive a new Glow account rather than continue to use your existing account. Your new account will have a different username and password and access to your old content will be removed with your old account.

The reason for this change is to ensure we continue to comply with all legal requirements for handling data. You must follow your employers guidance on ownership of materials created while working in that local authority.

Guidance on Accessing Content

Before your old Glow account is closed you may wish to take some steps to ensure you have handed over ownership of content to an appropriate person or transferred any content as appropriate (in accordance with your local authority policy)

Some content is associated with your account directly and this will also be deleted when you leave, some other content if associated with O365 groups will remain active.

For an overview of O365 groups you ‘own’ or are a ‘member’ of please visit this Microsoft page and click on the Groups tile.

Some of these groups may have associated content with areas such as Teams, SharePoint, Yammer and Outlook. To access more information, click on the name of the group.

Content that is associated with your account and will be deleted

Outlook Mail Your email will be deleted as it is associated with your account. Should your local authority guidelines permit it, you may wish to make arrangements to keep any emails you will require access to after your account is deleted. When a new account is created you will be assigned a new email address.
Microsoft OneDrive Your OneDrive content will be deleted as it is associated with your account. For any files in your OneDrive that may be required by other members of staff in your school, make sure they are uploaded to another shared location, outside of your OneDrive e.g. a Team or a SharePoint site.
OneNote For any OneNote notebooks that you own that will be required by the school after you leave, you can, from within OneDrive (Notebooks and Class notebooks folders) move the OneNote to a shared area such as your school staff site as appropriate.
Microsoft Sway Sways that you have created will be deleted after your account is deleted. Therefore if you have a Sway that is required by your old school such as a school newsletter then another member of staff should be given access to it by sharing it with their account. At this point they can then choose to ‘Duplicate This Sway’ to keep a copy. It’s important to remember that a duplicated Sway has a different URL so this may need to be updated e.g. on a school website.
Microsoft Forms Forms such as surveys or quizzes that you have created will be deleted after your account is deleted unless you make it a ‘Group form’. This will allow colleagues who you add to the group to manage the forms, including the results, after your account has been deleted. Microsoft Help: Group Forms

Transfer ownership of content prior to moving to a new local authority

Microsoft Teams Teams you have created or are an owner of will continue to exist after your account has been deleted. If your old school want to continue to use these Teams after you leave, please give another member of staff Owner access using the Manage Team/Add member settings and adding them as a teacher. OneNote notebooks that have been created as part of a Team or SharePoint site will still be available after your account has been deleted.

Any Team without an assigned owner may be deleted during regular clean up processes.

Microsoft Stream and Video Videos you have created will not be automatically deleted when your account is closed therefore no specific action is required. If you are the only owner of a video channel you can use the ‘Channel Settings’ and ‘Permissions’ to add other Owner or Editor . If it is your video that you own and it is permitted by your local authority guidelines then you may wish to download a copy.
Yammer groups Yammer groups that you own that will be required by the school after you leave can be given a new owner. Use the ‘Member’ settings in your Yammer group and select ‘Make Admin’ next to another staff account.
SharePoint sites If you are an Administrator of any SharePoint sites that will be required after you leave you can use the Settings to hand over ownership to another account. Microsoft Help: SharePoint permissions
Glow Blogs For any Glow Blogs that you have created or have Administrator rights to that will still be required after you leave, ensure that another member of staff is set up as an Administrator of the blog. You can do this through the blog dashboard. Glow Blog Help: Adding Users

Should a blog not be assigned a new owner you will lose the ability to manage it and it could be identified as no longer required and earmarked for deletion.

G Suite in Glow The changes to the identity matching process will not affect the current process for G Suite data. Content in G Suite in Glow will not be preserved when moving to another local authority but will be retained when moving within the same local authority as before.