Stream Housekeeping

Microsoft are retiring the current Stream Classic service in early 2024.  Instead video content can be stored within SharePoint (Stream on SharePoint) and accessed through the Stream tile within M365.

For key information please see Stream on SharePoint

Some content will be centrally migrated by the Glow team. For details of the migration process see Stream Classic to Stream on SharePoint Migration.  However we are aware that there is a large amount of content within Stream Classic that may no longer be relevant, or should be discarded due to your local data retention policies (eg GDPR).

There are over 30,000 videos within Stream.  However only 7,000 of those videos have been viewed since 1 January 2022.  15,000 videos were created before 1 January 2020.

We would strongly recommend reviewing content you have stored within Stream Classic, especially content which may have been migrated previously from O365 Video and delete it if no longer required, or archive it in an appropriate location.

Housekeeping Steps

Unfortunately the Stream Classic interface does not allow easy identification of content you own.  By using the ‘My Content’ menu you can review content that you have access to, but you may need to click through to confirm if you own the content or whether you can only view it.  Alternatively simply seeing the items listed may allow you to identify the content you own.

Screenshot of Stream Classic interface and the My Content menu

The Videos tab under my content can be sorted by Upload date or Views and it may assist you in identifying content.  The number of views is shown, in addition to likes, comments and the upload date.

If a video is no longer required deletion would be the best option. Alternatively if you wish to retain video, but not publish it within Stream you may wish to download the video and store it in an alternative location and ensure the permissions are set appropriately. The video could then be deleted from Stream.

Both of these are available from within the … menu beside the video.

Reducing the content contained within Stream Classic will make migration of content to Stream on SharePoint simpler. For details see Stream Classic to Stream on SharePoint Migration

NB all M365 groups and Teams that you are an owner or member of will display within Stream Classic, whether they have video content or not.  If you delete a group in Stream you will be deleting it everywhere!