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Guidance on Glow Blogs Theme Retirement

We are continuing to carry out improvement works to enhance the performance of Glow Blogs, and will be retiring a number of themes on 30 January 2020.

Themes are an important part of the Glow Blogs experience helping you to display your latest content in a creative and interesting way. Users may apply themes to help make their Glow Blog look a certain way so that visitors get a better experience. Glow Blogs can be used to create a school website, homework blog or as an e-portfolio for example. There are other themes to choose from, and retiring some themes will help us to upgrade the platform and allow us to add more new themes and features in the future.

The themes we will be retiring are set out in an article on Glow Connect. These are not compatible with newer versions of WordPress, and if you currently use one of them we would urge you to take action now to change your theme. If no action is taken these blogs will revert to the TwentyFourteen theme on the 30th January.

To help change your theme we have created a handy how-to guide.

As with any change, we would recommend that you test themes in another site before applying to your live site, especially if it is public. Please remember if you change your theme from one that is being disabled you cannot change it back again. More guidance including help with themes can be found on the Glow Blog Help site.

If you have any questions please get in touch with your local Glow Key Contact –


Retirement of Glow Blogs Themes

Glow Blogs Performance Improvements

Work is being carried out to help improve the performance of Glow Blogs and provide a better user experience. Following a period of monitoring that will confirm that these changes have been successful, we will begin work to upgrade the WordPress version being used which will be a more visible change to users. A further update will be provided via Glow Connect and Glow Key Contacts in advance of this work being done.

The first of two scheduled performance related changes took place on Tuesday 26th November. There will be a larger change taking place on Thursday 5th December at 4pm that users should be aware of. Although this will not affect access to Glow Blogs, there may be a slight degradation in service for around an hour.

Following this there will be ongoing work which will last for around a week from Tuesday 10th December at 4pm. We will aim to do most of this out of hours as there might be a slight impact on performance but the process running may run over into the next day so users should be aware of this.

Users should also be aware that there are a number of themes that are no longer supported by the developers so these will be getting made unavailable for new sites on Tuesday 17th December. This will not affect existing sites using these and we will send further communications to Glow Key Contacts to advise on the next steps.

As always, you can check the status of Glow Services on our Service Status page.

Glow Blogs Enhancements

Glow Blogs is one of the most popular services within Glow with around 3000 new Blogs being created per month. Work has recently been carried out to help enhance the infrastructure and performance that have given a more robust platform to allow application changes to be made. The first of these is a plugin, Draw Attention, that allows users to highlight areas of an image that will provide more details if a visitor to the site scrolls over or clicks on it.

This is an exciting new feature that will help create engaging and interactive sites for visitors and is useful for images such as maps, layout plans and anything else where areas of the picture need to be explained. The developer of the plugin has a showcase on their website that gives some examples of what can be done. There is also supporting documentation available.

Glow Blogs Update

Do you have a Glow Blog? Most likely the answer is yes! Glow Blogs is one of the most popular services in Glow with over 3000 new blogs created each month. This is fantastic news and we want to make sure Glow keeps performing well to support your blogs.

To help improve performance and user satisfaction, the infrastructure and hosting service for Glow Blogs is changing.

The work for this will be carried out over the weekend of Friday 31st May and should be completed by the afternoon of Monday 3rd June. During this period the service will not be available for any users to either edit of view blogs. We have informed Glow Key Contacts of this in advance of the work being carried out and set this date so that the work did not take place during exam time.

Please refer to the Glow Service Status page for confirmation of this work being complete –