Reflect Updates

Reflect, the wellbeing check-in tool, has had some useful additions.

Breathing exercises now available

The Feelings Monster can now incorporate breathing exercises to support learners to focus on their breath and get their mind and body ready to learn.

Simplified emotion vocabulary

A simplified list of words showing more basic emotions can be used to support learners who are just getting familiar with words for different feelings.

Multi-sensory check-ins

To help improve accessibility of check-ins and understanding of vocabulary, learners can now hear the definition of each word read as though the speaker were experiencing that emotion. This narration feature is available in English, Spanish, and Japanese, and will soon be available in more languages.

Explore check-in ideas

Using the new ideas gallery can generate some check in topics which can be customised to for different purposes.

Routine check-ins

Regular check-ins can be used to monitor learners emotions over time and help identify any changes or patterns. Save time with the Ask it again button to post a past check-in with one click.

Set up an emotion board (this is still in preview and under development)

A physical emotion board may be useful for classes with younger learners or without many devices. The resources can be used to build a check-in board which can be displayed on the wall and learners can place their cards according to how they are feeling. The board can then be scanned with a mobile device to collect the responses and make them available digitally in Reflect.

For more information about Reflect please visit Microsoft help: Microsoft Reflect | Encourage connection, expression and learning

If you decide to use this app with students, then please ensure it is used in conjunction with your establishment and local authority safeguarding procedures and protocols.