Important Changes to Yammer in Glow

From the 13th October 2023, access to Yammer in its current form will be removed from Glow for all users.

As you may be aware, Microsoft have now rebranded Yammer to Viva Engage. To prepare for this we are retiring our current Yammer network and evaluating requirements to launch a new Viva Engage network in Glow.

Reminder for Staff in Glow

  • Much of the content in Yammer such as conversations may be out of date and no longer required.
  • However there may be files stored as part of Yammer Communities that you were a member of, or other content, that you still require access to after the 13th October.
  • If so, we recommend you download and store this in an alternative location prior to the 13th October.
  • All data in Yammer will be deleted on this date and there will be no mechanism for restoring any of this deleted data.