Introducing a new ultra-low latency viewer experience for in-domain live streaming in Google Meet

What’s changing?

Google are introducing a new ultra-low latency viewing experience for video meetings that are streamed within an organisation.

The new experience will be available to the first ten thousand viewers — all additional viewers will have the existing experience.

This update is only available on the web, mobile users will be redirected to a web link, where they’ll have the existing livestream experience. 

With this release, you’ll notice several functional and quality improvements, such as: A virtually lag-free streaming experience. 

  • Significantly increased speaker video resolution (up to 720p per speaker). 
  • Shared content and presentations shown up to 2880×1800. 
  • Up to two speaker video feeds can be shown side by side together with presented material. 
  • A new layout engine supports any window aspect with dynamic resolution management. 
  • Improved automatic camera cuts that focus on the most relevant speakers & content. 
  • Audience interaction through emoji reactions, polls and Q&A. Support for captions and translated captions is coming in a later update.

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