Pair your video tile in Google Meet to improve accessibility for users with language interpreters

What’s changing? 

Currently, there are a variety of features to help make meetings more inclusive and equitable, including screen reader support and live captions. 

Google have now introduced a tile pairing for Google Meet, which will allow you to pair your video tile with another meeting participant’s tile.

Once you pair your tile, other meeting participants will see both tiles shown next to each other.

Both pairing partners will have their borders outlined in blue when speaking. Tile pairing will be indicated in the meeting captions as well. 

Why it matters

Tile pairing can help make meetings more accessible, specifically in situations where you want to ensure a sign-language or other language interpreter is visible during the meeting.

You can also use this feature to pair speaker duos or presenters with co-presenters for a more dynamic presenting experience. 

Additional details 

At this time, tile pairings will not be captured in meeting recordings. Also, tile pairing is not available in break out rooms at this time.


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