Google Workspace Weekly Recap, 23rd June 2023

What’s New?

Adding flexibility to email collection in Google Forms

Previously, when creating or modifying a Google Form and editing the “Responses” section, form creators only had the option to toggle the “Collect email addresses” option on or off. If enabled, this meant when users filled out the form, their email was automatically collected with their form submission. To add flexibility, Google have introduced the ability to choose between the following email collection options:

  • Verified email collection (previously known as automatic email collection)
  • Responder input (previously known as manual email collection)
  • Do not collect

The verified collection option will now require a user to click a checkbox to confirm which email address is being collected upon submission.

Gain consensus from collaborators quickly with voting chips in Google Docs

You can now add smart chips that contain emojis to use as voting indicators in Google Docs. This feature helps teams express themselves while they’re collaborating in Docs by allowing you to rank or compare ideas.

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