Google Workspace Weekly Recap, 16th June 2023

What’s New?

Get more granular views of Google Slides with new zoom settings 

You can now customise your views in Google Slides with new custom zoom settings that give you the ability to input your desired zoom percent or use the pre-set zoom percentages in the drop-down menu at the top of your presentation.

Expanding Google Drive log events to additional Google Workspace editions

Drive log events, a feature that enables admins to access an audit and investigation page to run searches related to Drive log events, is now available for Google Workspace Essentials Starter editions.

Expanding originality reports in Google Classroom to Microsoft Word files

Educators can now run Google Classroom originality reports on Microsoft Word files (.docx) to check their students’ work for authenticity. The tool will identify uncited content and plagiarism by comparing a file against webpages and books on the internet.

Adding rich text formatting to comments in Google Classroom

Rich text formatting is now available for class and private comments in Google Classroom, enabling teachers and students to customize and add emphasis to their content. This highly requested feature includes bolding, underlining, italicizing, and bulleted lists.

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