Google Workspace Updates Weekly Recap, 10th November 2023

3 New updates

Timeline view in Google Sheets now available on Android & iOS 

In 2022, Google introduced an interactive timeline view that allows you to track projects in Google Sheets.

Google are excited to announce that you can now view your timelines on Android and iOS.

Adding timezone support for existing smart chips in Google Docs 

To more accurately represent time across the world, Google are introducing timezone support for existing date+time smart chips in Google Docs.

Improved toolbars in the Google Docs, Sheets and Slides apps on Android devices 

Google are introducing enhanced toolbars in the Google Docs, Sheets and Slides apps that are optimized for Android tablets and foldables, and ultimately improve the editing experience across the apps. 

  • In Docs, there is a new mode switcher that allows you to switch between editing, suggestion, and viewing modes. 
  • In Slides, you will have access to an ever-present toolbar while in editing mode. 
  • In Sheets, a cell will be selected by default upon opening the app. 

More Info

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