Google Jamboard is winding down

Google Jamboard will no longer be available after December 31, 2024 across Web, iOS, Android, and Google Meet devices. Your Jam data will be available for you to export or migrate to one of our whiteboard partners, like FigJam, Lucidspark, and Miro, until that date. 

Why is Jamboard winding down?

Over the past couple of years, Google have heard from customers that whiteboarding tools like FigJam by Figma, Lucidspark by Lucid, and Miro help them work better together. As these tools have grown more capable, offering advanced features such as an infinite canvas, use case templates, voting, and more.

Prepare for Jamboard Wind Down

Timeline for the Jamboard wind down:

Until 1st October 2024

Your Jamboard device and application will continue to function normally.

Starting 1st October 2024

The Jamboard app will become view-only. You’ll no longer be able to create new or edit existing Jams on any platform, including the web, iPhone, iPad, Android, and Jamboard devices.

The 55-inch Jamboard device will reach its Auto Update Expiration (AUE). You will no longer be able to use the device to join Meet meetings, and it will not save information to the cloud. Learn more about the Jamboard device end-of-life.

After 31st December 2024

You’ll no longer be able to access the Jamboard app or your Jam files.

What you need to do

To prepare your local authority or establishment for the wind down:

  1. Before December 31, 2024: Download your Jam files. Learn how to download Jam files.
  2. Starting today: Begin to evaluate alternative digital whiteboarding solutions for your local authority or establishment using the guidelines below.

Alternative Options shared by Google

FigJam I

FigJam by Figma

Google Drawings Graphic

Google Drawings

Google Slides

Lucidspark Graphic


Pear Dog Logo

Pear Deck

Miro Logo


How to evaluate digital whiteboard solutions

When evaluating digital whiteboard alternatives to Jamboard, consider these key criteria:

  • Compatibility with Google Workspace for Education
  • Age requirements
  • Privacy and security
  • Cost
  • Deployment options for educational institutions
  • Features

User Feedback

We would be delighted if you could let us know what you decide to use as an alternative, including any advice you’d be happy to share with others.

Get in touch using

Please use the links below to support with finding out more about this change and how to export your Google Jamboard content.

Jamboard is winding down graphic

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