Lock files more easily in Google Drive

What’s changing?

Google are adding the option to lock Drive files by right-clicking the file, selecting “File information”, and clicking “Lock”.

Locking a file makes sure reviewers can’t change a file. Edits, comments and suggestions can’t be added to locked documents. 

This update simplifies and streamlines the process of restricting files in Drive, which was previously only available through the Google Drive API or through file approvals

Getting started

  • End users: 
    • In order to lock a Drive file, you must have edit-access to the Drive file. 
    • When hovering over a file in Drive, right-click into the context menu and choose “File information” > “Lock”> confirm that you actually want to lock the document by selecting “Lock”. 
      • Once locked, no one can make edits to the Doc until it is unlocked. 
      • You can unlock a file through the context menu as well. 
    • Visit the Help Centre to learn more about getting approvals on files in Google Drive

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