Google Workspace Weekly Updates, 15th September 2023

4 Updates

Insert links in the Google Sheets app on iOS devices 

Google are adding the ability to insert a hyperlink into a cell in the Google Sheets iOS app by selecting a cell > clicking “+” in the top left corner > Insert > Link. 

If a cell contains a link, you’ll see options to edit or remove the link.

Visit the Help Centre to learn more about working with links & bookmarks

Enhanced spam protection through automatic labeling of suspected spam messages in Google Voice 

If you’re using Google Voice, you’re familiar with Google’s suspected spam caller warnings.

Google are extending this feature to SMS messages on Android and iOS devices.

You’ll see these labels within the message, and you can either: 

  • Confirm a suspected spam message, which causes future messages from that number to go directly into the spam folder. 
  • Mark a labelled message as not spam, after which the suspected spam label is never displayed for that number again. 

Birthday decorations for people cards 

In Google Contacts and across various Google Workspace products, you’ll begin to notice birthday decorations when hovering over another user’s people card.

This small change can have a big impact on building deeper connections with your colleagues and stakeholders.

Birthday decorations will be displayed on your birthday if you’ve added your birthday to your Google Account profile and you’ve set the information to be visible to others. 

Add an organisational unit as an attribute in your external directory 

When using Directory Sync, you can now place users from the Azure Active Directory or Active Directory to a specific organizational unit on the Google Workspace side.

To do so, you’ll need to add an organisational unit as an attribute in your external directory.

This makes it easier to sync users who will be mapped to different organisational units on the Google Workspace side.

Please click here to find out more regarding the above updates