Google Workspace Weekly Update, 6th October 2023

2 New Updates

Add emoji reactions to comments in Google Sheets 

Earlier this year, Google introduced the ability to add emoji reactions to existing comments in Google Docs.

Google are now excited to announce this is now available on comments in Google Sheets, increasing collaboration by enabling you to quickly and creatively express your opinions about spreadsheet content.

Rollout Pace

Rolling out to Rapid Release domains now; launch to Scheduled Release domains planned for October 19, 2023

Filter by filter only fields and parameters with Connected Sheets for Looker

Google are adding support for two additional field types for filtering in Connected Sheets for Looker: filter only fields and parameters.

These new options will give you even more ways to explore the semantic layer of your data as you will now be able to recreate advanced filtering in Looker explorers or dashboards using Connected Sheets for Looker.

Rollout Pace

Rolling out to Rapid Release domains and Scheduled Release domains now.

More Information

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Graphic with characters using Google Sheets