Google Workspace Weekly Recap, 20th October 2023

2 New updates relevant for Glow users

Add emoji reactions to comments in Google Slides

Last week, Google announced the ability to add emoji reactions to comments in Google Sheets.

They’re now excited to announce this is now available for comments in Google Slides, increasing collaboration by enabling you to quickly and creatively express your opinions about presentation content.

Respond to access requests for Google Workspace files more efficiently on Android devices 

Earlier this year, Google introduced a new file access experience to make it easier for file approvers to respond to pending access requests across Google Workspace.

They’re happy to announce that this update is now available on Android devices.

Within a file (Docs, Sheets, Slides, PDFs, etc.), click the Share button > select the Review button in the new banner to view the access request(s) > respond to the request(s).

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