Google Workspace Updates Weekly Recap – July 28, 2023

Set Context Aware Access policies for 1P & 3P applications to access Workspace APIs

Admins can now use context-aware access to block or limit first and third party API access to Google Workspace applications.

With context-aware access, you can set up different access levels to Workspace applications based on a user’s identity and the context of the request (location, device security status, IP address).

Include audio when sharing your screen using Google Meet on mobile

If you’re using Google Meet on a mobile device, you can now share audio in addition to your screenshare.

Share a video with sound, or share music along with your presentation.

A single Google group can be a member of 30,000 shared drives

Previously, a single Google group could be added as a member to an unlimited number of shared drives.

To protect the reliability of access changes for users in Google groups, a single group can now be added to no more than 30,000 shared drives.

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