Google Workspace Updates Weekly Recap – 4th August 2023

6 New updates

Empty the entire trash folder of shared drives in Google Drive

In order to make it easier to manage shared drive files and eliminate the manual effort of removing items in the trash folder, Google have added the ability to empty the entire trash folder of a shared drive. As a reminder, files and folders in Trash are deleted forever after 30 days. You can also delete files in Trash by selecting “Delete Forever”.

Linkable headings now available in Google Docs

To improve shareability of documents, especially longer ones, Google are adding the ability to copy links to headings in Google Docs. Simply, open a Google Doc on web > add a heading (type some content and set to “Heading 1”) > right-click the heading > click the “Copy heading link” button > paste the contents.

People chips in Google Sheets now available on mobile devices

In 2021, we introduced people chips in Google Sheets. These chips allow you to quickly view more information about colleagues or contacts, including their location, job title, and contact information. We’re excited to announce that these smart chips are now available on iOS and Android devices. | Learn more about inserting smart chips in your Google Sheets.

Adding drag & drop to Google Drive multi-instance support on large screen Android devices

Earlier this year, Google added the option for a single user to have two instances of the Google Drive app open side-by-side on a single device, which shows content from two different Google Accounts. Starting this week, you can now drag and drop between two instances of the Drive app, enabling you to quickly share files and folders between two different accounts. | Learn more about using Google Drive.

Insert emojis into Google Sites

You can now create more engaging content on Google Sites with the new option to insert emojis directly into text boxes and headings. Simply, create or open a Site > click any textbox and the emoji button will be visible in the toolbar > select the emoji button > choose an emoji.

Paste HTML into document on iOS

Last month, Google announced the ability to paste copied HTML elements into a document on Android. Google are also excited to announce that this functionality is now available on iOS devices.

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