Web Conferencing in Glow

There a number of services in Glow that allow users to set up and take part in web conferences. The choices currently available are:

Microsoft Office 365

  • Teams

G Suite

  • Google Meet

Why would I use it?

  • Supporting professional development opportunities for staff e.g. workshops delivered online for staff to join regardless of geographical location
  • Delivering learning opportunities for pupils with subjects or topics delivered online. This could extend opportunities across schools if this wasn’t available in their location e.g. Higher Music supported via Teams or Google Meet
  • Collaboration across classrooms e.g. educators can seek out connections with other classes in their authority, in Scotland or even around the world to give them a glimpse into other cultures and lifestyles e.g. learning a new language with others
  • Enabling better collaboration for group projects and extracurricular activities e.g. supporting staff working groups from a range of schools or authorities with planning
  • Interview with an expert: bring in outside perspective with someone experienced in a topic or area to support what you are learning e.g. Q&A with the fire service during Bonfire Night

How do I get started?

Help with Google Meet

Microsoft Teams Help – Meetings in Teams