Teams Meeting roles

1.   Meetings in Teams 2.  Joining a Teams Meeting
3.  Creating a Teams Meeting 4.  Managing a Teams Meeting
5.   Teams Meeting Roles 6.  Teams Meetings with Learners

Within Teams meetings there are three roles:

  • Meeting Organiser
  • Presenter
  • Attendee

Teams meetings roles – important changes

Previously by default all meeting participants would be presenters unless the meeting options were changed.

The new default means the meeting organiser will be the only presenter unless this is manually changed.  Other meeting participants will now join meetings as attendees not presenters.

This change also affects any scheduled or recurring meeting that has been set up. The meeting organiser will need to check existing meeting settings to ensure that it still meets the requirements of that meeting.

Capability Organiser Presenter Attendee
Speak X X X
Enable Video X X X
Participate in meeting chat X X X
Share content X X
Privately view a PowerPoint file shared by someone else X X
Take control of someone else’s PowerPoint presentation X X
Mute other participants X X
Remove participants X X
Change the roles of other participants X X
Use End Meeting Option X
Change Meeting Level Options X

NB Consider what roles participants in meetings should have. If you make a pupil a presenter be aware that they can then mute or remove others as well as present their screen.

Changing Presenter/Attendee Settings

  • In Advance

After creating a scheduled meeting the organiser can edit the meeting and choose Meeting Options from within the calendar link.







Meeting options will open in the browser.


The available options for Who can present? are:

  • Everyone
  • People in my organization
  • Specific people (not available for channel meetings)
  • Only Me



It is recommended for meetings involving students you should select Only me. You can change this during a meeting if required.

You may want to choose Specific people as presenters before the meeting.  For example this may help if want other staff to share their screen or a presentation or to help manage other meeting settings such as muting pupils.

Changing Presenter/Attendee Settings

  • During a Meeting

For both Scheduled meetings and Meet Now the Organiser can use the Participants List to access the Meeting Options (accessed from the top right of the Participant List.)






In addition individual users’ settings can be changed directly within the Participant list.



This will be Make an attendee or Make a presenter as appropriate