Sharing content in Glow

There are a number of ways to share online content, files and folders using Glow tools and services. We will explore some of the options for sharing here.

Sharing using Sway

Sway can be used to create content such as school newsletters to share with parents and the wider learning community outside of Glow. More information on sharing Sways can be found here.

Sharing using Forms

Forms can be used to can capture information from a wide range of audiences both in and out with Glow. For example using a survey to gather pupil views across a whole school on wider achievements or creating a quiz for formative assessment. Find more information on sharing and collaborating using Forms here.

Sharing using Glow Blogs

Glow Blogs can be used to make simple blogs or complex websites and a number of options are available when sharing them.

All Glow Blogs can be kept private to the individual user/group of users; made available to all Glow users; or made public and searchable on the web via search engines such as Google. Visit Glow Blog Help for more information on privacy settings.

Sharing files from Office 365 OneDrive

External sharing has now been enabled and Microsoft O365 OneDrive for Business (OD4B) allows you to share your content with Glow users and non-Glow users.

You can share files such as Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, PDFs and images with non-Glow users. This can be used to support parental engagement, open up partnerships with industry or with teachers and classes in other countries and allow pupils to share files with potential employers . Find out more about external sharing here.

How do I get more help?

Sharing Sways help

Sharing Forms help

Sharing Glow Blogs help

Sharing from OneDrive help

The following help articles are also provided by Microsoft:
Share OneDrive for Business files and folders – a guide to sharing OneDrive content, applies to sharing inside Glow and with external users
Share sites or documents with people outside your organisation – a ‘how to’ guide covering the external sharing options

Remember to use the Glow Help Community(O365 OneDrive group)in Glow Yammer to post specific questions and share experience with your peers.
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