What is it?

Microsoft Teams for Education offers a range of O365 tools integrated in one place bringing together conversations, content and apps such as OneNote notebooks to enhance collaboration between groups such as classes or staff.

Different types of Team are available:

  • Class
  • PLC
  • Staff
  • Anyone

Teams is a space where you do all of the things you want do, with the people you usually do it. Let’s take two examples: Class Teams and Staff Teams.

Why would I use it?

Class Teams provides a collaborative space to help distribute tasks and resources to pupils. Pupils can then update and return these materials or upload other evidence of learning to share with their teacher or fellow pupils. Teachers have a collated view of this evidence and can provide formative feedback from a single point.

Class Teams give Teachers and pupils the ability to easily access the rich features of O365 without leaving Teams, helping access learning materials anytime, anywhere with nothing lost or forgotten.

How do I get started?

Access Teams now via the O365 App Launcher. Consider using School Data Sync to simplify and accelerate use in your school.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is the difference between what a teacher and pupil can do in Teams? 

A: Here is a summary of differences:

  • Teachers can create Teams; pupils cannot (same position on O365 Groups)
  • Teachers can search for other users and engage in private messaging with other staff; pupils cannot search or private message
  • Teachers can schedule or initiate ad-hoc video meetings; pupils cannot start video but can take full part using desktop or mobile app including video/voice/desktop share etc in those initiated by teachers
  • Teacher use of Giphy images has a ‘moderate’ content rating; for pupils it is ‘strict’
  • Teachers can edit and delete their own messages and delete any messages in Teams they own; pupils cannot
  • Teachers are owners/admin of all Teams they create or created via SDS; pupils can only be owner/admin if a teacher takes responsibility for action to promote them to owner/admin

Q: Can I use my existing Class Notebook with the Class Notebook in a Class Team? 

A: Yes. See Community support for more details. Summary recommendation is this:

  • Create a Team for your department (not required but many advantages)
  • Store the master Class Notebook in the Team (not required but many advantages)
  • Activate the Class Notebook in each of your Class Teams
  • Open the Class Notebook in the desktop app (2016 or Win 10), and select Distribute Content Library
  • Choose the Class Teams you wish to distribute to

This will result in the membership of each of your Class Notebooks reflecting the membership in each Class Team, with the Content Library from your master notebook existing in each. Microsoft guide to distribute Content Library.

How do I find out more?

Technical checks

In order to use Microsoft Teams, ensure both the FQDN and IP Address endpoints are reachable.