Hosting or attending a Glow Meet

Every time Glow Meet is used, someone must act as host. The host sets up a virtual meeting room and has rights to mange other users within the room.

How do I set up a Glow Meet room?

You can host your own Glow Meet session, inviting anyone who has a Glow account. The first document below explains how to become a Glow Meet host and set up the room; the second document provides guidance on hosting the meeting.

PDF file: Becoming a host and setting up a Glow Meet (197 KB)

PDF file: Guidance on hosting a Glow Meet (651 KB)

How do I attend a scheduled meeting?

If you are joining a meeting scheduled by someone else, you will need to click on a link provided by the organiser (usually by email, in a blog or in an Office 365 site). More information on participating in a Glow Meet session is available in the following document.

PDF file: Participating in a Glow Meet (672 KB)

How do I access a Glow TV session?

To access a Glow TV session, click on the Glow TV tile in your Glow Launch Pad and register in advance for the event you want to attend. Once registered, you will receive an email with details of how to access the room.

To view a TV event that has already taken place, select it from the Glow TV events that are listed on the same page.

Adobe Connect add-in

An Adobe Connect add-in is available that allows a Glow user to share their screen through Adobe Connect. More details on the add-in are available here.

Skype for Business

Skype for Business is a separate communication tool that is part of the Microsoft Office 365 Glow Online Productivity Suite. It provides messaging, meeting and screen-sharing capability. Further help on using Skype in the classroom is available here.

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