Glow Meet (Adobe Connect)

From April 2018, the Glow Meet service will be delivered through Microsoft Skype for Business. This will replace the existing service, currently delivered through Adobe Connect and remove the need for individuals to take on the role of Glow Meet hosts.

Find out more on the Glow Meet using Skype for Business pages.

What is it?

Glow Meet is an online collaboration tool that allows Glow users to communicate, either one-to-one or in a group, using Adobe Connect software. It is ideal for:

  • video conferencing;
  • chat / discussions;
  • question and answer sessions;
  • polling;
  • sharing desktops, documents and presentations.

Why would I use it?

Glow Meet can be used to bring schools together, from one-off events presented to a particular group of pupils to training courses delivered across more than one school.

What is Glow TV?

Glow TV is a feature of Glow Meet. It is used to broadcast school and local authority events so that they can be shared with a wider audience. Events run throughout the year and broadcasts can be watched either live or recorded. Access all the Glow TV Watch Again events here.

How do I get started?

The Glow Meet Yammer group provides further help and support.

Hosting or attending a Glow Meet