There are a number of Core Services and Additional Services made available through G Suite in Glow. The Education Scotland Glow Team are continuously developing a list of requirements based on user feedback to add functionality to G Suite.

These changes are based on an internal governance process and communications about changes are issued to Glow Key Contacts as they become available. Requested features can only be enabled to align with safeguarding considerations and fit with overall service requirements.

Find out more about the process for requesting Apps and Extensions: https://glowconnect.org.uk/apps-and-extensions/

Gmail The Gmail service is disabled for all users. Any notifications from G Suite will be sent to Glow Mail (Outlook).

At the moment Outlook is the only mail service offered within Glow and there are no plans to offer Gmail in the immediate future.

YouTube Videos This is available for staff only when logged into Glow. This is due to safeguarding considerations and following discussions with Google.
Jamboard The Jamboard web service is available for all staff and students when logged into Glow. This is a digital whiteboard that allows users to collaborate on their ‘Jams’. Futher information can be found on the Google support site – https://support.google.com/jamboard/#topic=7383643
Chrome Sync Chrome Sync is enabled for Staff Only and means the configuration of Chrome, including installed apps and extensions, will follow users in browsers or devices they sign in to and use this. Before turning this on users should be aware that it may sync data such as passwords, browsing history and card details so it is not recommended for shared devices.