G Suite for Education

What is it?

G Suite for Education is set of cloud-based productivity tools for communication and collaboration. G Suite for Education in Glow offers the following cores services: Classroom, Drive, Docs, Hangouts, Calendar, Contacts, Sites and Vaults. Currently Gmail is unavailable through Glow subject to full review of the service offered.

From early 2018 Glow customers have the option to opt-in to using G Suite for Education in Glow.

G Suite pilot

To ensure  a smooth transition for those Glow customers wishing to opt-in to use G Suite we are currently running a pilot phase with some of our Glow customers. The pilot phase will run from October – December 2017 and will assist us in developing robust processes and procedures for the delivery of G Suite in Education in Glow.

Help topics

Classroom Drive Docs Sheets
Forms Slides Sites Hangouts/Meet
Contacts Calendar Vault Classroom – Get Started

Why would I use it?

G Suite for Education can be used to facilitate collaboration and creativity, increase teacher efficiency and improve engagement.

G Suite Support

Google will deliver their Professional Development Pathway to those wishing to access G Suite in Glow. Download the pdf below for further information.

Professional Development Pathway

How do I get started?

If  you have any enquiries about your Local Authority opting-in to use G Suite in Glow please speak to your Glow Key Contact or email Glow Enquiries at enquiries@glow.gov.uk

Information about the G Suite service requirements and capabilities are available in the Capability Statement.

G Suite Capability Statement Jan 2018