Google Workspace for Education

What is it?

Google Workspace for Education (formally known as G Suite for Education) is set of cloud-based productivity tools for communication and collaboration. Google Workspace in Glow is a managed service that offers the following core services: Calendar, Classroom, Directory, Drive & Docs, Google Chat, Google Chrome Sync, Google Meet, Vault, Jamboard, Keep, Sites and Tasks. We have created some videos to help you get started.

Currently Gmail and Google’s Additional Services are unavailable through Glow.

Glow Customers have the option to opt-in to using Google Workspace for Education in Glow. Please speak to your Glow Key Contact if you are interested in opting in to use Google Workspace in Glow. There is also a Google Workspace Group in Glow that can be used to share ideas, suggest improvements and collaborate with others.

Find out more about what Google Workspace in Glow has to offer in the guide  Ways to Get Going with Google Workspace.

Help topics

Why would I use it?

Google Workspace can be used to facilitate collaboration and creativity, increase teacher efficiency and improve engagement.

Google Workspace Support

Google will deliver their Professional Development Pathway to those wishing to access Google Workspace in Glow. Download the pdf below for further information.

Professional Development Pathway

Google also host regular webinars to support Google for Education users. This can be found on their UK events page where there is also Scotland specific content.

How do I get started?

If you have any enquiries about your Local Authority opting-in to use Google Workspace in Glow please speak to your Glow Key Contact or contact us using the Glow Enquiries form

Information about the Google Workspace service requirements and capabilities are available in the Capability Statement.